July 15, 2022

Support Plans Begin

Thank you for being one of our most important customers. In the
14-years we have been in the industry, the residential and commercial technology space has grown tremendously. We know where technology is heading and we’re adding and evolving our products and services to be ahead of the trends. We are writing to tell you about our new, expanded Support & Service Department and our new Performance Plans.

New Performance Plans and Support Policies - Effective
July 22, 2022

To best manage all of our customers, we are instituting new service policies wherein all customers will be on one of our four Performance Plans. We are implementing this policy as of July 22, 2022. The four plans include an Essential Plan that offers 24/7/365 maintenance, support and service, all the way to our Concierge Plan where for a fixed monthly cost, we cover all of the labor and most equipment issues. Do you need a remote support update to your home on a Sunday? No problem - it’s included on the Concierge Plan as well, along with 21 other program benefits. Please see the plan agreement for all terms and conditions.

What this means to you

We can now do most system maintenance, updates, support and even system repairs remotely. If there’s a security update to prevent a hacked  network that would normally require a visit, we can now perform the fix right from our office without interrupting you for a service call. This reduces time and expense for you and for us, which allows us to offer the listed plans at the pricing shown. Please note, some existing systems can usually be updated or may require new devices to take advantage of this new technology.

Click HERE to download our Support Plan brochurePlease contact us to discuss your options at your earliest convenience. Thank you for your continued support.Yours truly,
Matt, Kelly and the MVIS team

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